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Hokkaido Yōkai and Mythical Creatures (Ep. 152)

The northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido, also has its own brand of yōkai and mythical creatures. Here I talk about seven of them.

The Dangerous Truth about the Jorō Spider (Ep. 150)

The joro spider, a colorful arachnid from Japan, is harmless but tied to folklore about shape-shifting brides who fatally ensnare lovers at waterfalls.
Women in kimono shooting webs from her six spider arms. Baby spiders attached!

Beto Beto-san Vs Teke Teke: Things That Stalk You at Night (Ep. 149)

If you're ever walking alone on an empty street or path at night and you hear something distinctly not human following you, could it be the Beto Beto-san or the Teke Teke? One will take your life in the most horrendous way.

Bug News: Body Parasites or Ghosts (Mushi no Shirase)? (Ep. 148)

Have you ever had a premonition or a foreboding feeling that turned out to be true? Was it a parasitic insect living in your belly or a ghost trying to tell you something?

Falling Trees: Tengu or Furusoma (Creepy Dead Guy)?(Ep. 147)

If a you hear a tree fall in the woods, but can't find any sign of that fallen tree, is it the work of a tengu, a creepy dead guy ghost, or something else?
A furusoma, dead woodcutter, with tengu looking on

Nami-Kozō: The Creepy Little Wave Boy (Ep. 142)

A nanafushigi (seven mysterious things) and a local yokai, the Nami Kozō or Wave Boy has a number of variations to his story, some involving real historical monks.
Sketch of a Nami Kozo with waves, artist's hand drawing.

Raijū: The Thunder Beast (Ep. 128)

The raijū or thunder beast is smallish, very weird-looking creature that darts around during thunderstorms and wreaks havoc on the community. Here's what you need to know about it.
Old image of clawed, fanged tick looking beast
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