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Supernatural Cats: Nekomata (Ep. 97)

Today I'm going to talk about supernatural cats, specifically, the nekomata. The nekomata is a mysterious feline with two tails and a penchant for dancing. 

The Killing Stone: Sessho Seki (Ep. 96)

It was all over the news: Japan's Infamous Killing Stone that was housing a chaotic, disaster inducing nine-tailed fox spirit, broke in half on March 5th. Is the fox spirit free? I'll tell you all about it on this episode.
Killing Stone Sessho Seki

The Human-Faced Tumor: Jinmensou (Ep. 95)

On today's episode I'm going to tell you about an affliction that involved a strange growth on some part of your body that had the face of a human and did horrible things.
Jinmensou human-faced tumor

Story Time: Tango no Hitobashira / The Human Pillar of Tango (Ep. 94)

Today I'm going to tell you a story called Tango no Hitobashira / The Human Pillar of Tango. It's an old folktale that I haven't found translated into English.
Hitobashira / Human Pillar

The Ferocious Oni (Ep. 93)

Japanese oni are a very deep and varied subject. Learn about these mountain-dwelling ogres and what they do.

#Uncannytober: Oct 3

Oni Mask

Chindon-ya: Eccentric Street Musicians (Ep. 92)

Who are these eccentric street musicians dressed in bright kimono playing drums, bells, clarinet, and saxophone marching down your street? What do they want?
Chindon-ya Boy

Good Luck Superstitions in Japan (Ep. 91)

It's been a rough couple of years, so today let's talk about some Japanese good luck superstitions.
Snake skin
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