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The Killing Stone: Sessho Seki (Ep. 96)

It was all over the news: Japan's Infamous Killing Stone that was housing a chaotic, disaster inducing nine-tailed fox spirit, broke in half on March 5th. Is the fox spirit free? I'll tell you all about it on this episode.
Killing Stone Sessho Seki

The Human-Faced Tumor: Jinmensou (Ep. 95)

On today's episode I'm going to tell you about an affliction that involved a strange growth on some part of your body that had the face of a human and did horrible things.
Jinmensou human-faced tumor

Story Time: Tango no Hitobashira / The Human Pillar of Tango (Ep. 94)

Today I'm going to tell you a story called Tango no Hitobashira / The Human Pillar of Tango. It's an old folktale that I haven't found translated into English.
Hitobashira / Human Pillar

Mayoiga: The Mysterious House You Find When You’re Lost (Ep. 90)

A mayoiga is a house that magically appears when you're lost in the forest or mountains. If you venture in, what will you find? What should you do?
Mayoiga Folktale

Utsuro-Bune: The Hollow (Space?) Ship (Ep. 78)

Today let's explore the strange legend of utsuro-bune, the hollow ship. Was Japan really visited by UFOs back in the early 1800s? Is there proof?

Fuujin and Raijin: The Gods of Thunder and Wind (Ep. 76)

Who are Fujin and Raijin  (the Japanese Wind God and Thunder God), where did they come from, and what do they do? Today I'll tell you about they originated in both India and a Japanese Goddesses' decaying body. 
Raijin - The God of Thunder
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