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Ghost Japanese Brush and Ink

Let's doodle, draw, sketch, or paint some yokai or ghostie for #Uncannytober2022. Bee has made a list of episodes and the prompts -- a different one corresponding to every day of the month of October. I put her list up here along with links to the relevant show.

If you want, you can re-listen to the episode for that day and use it for inspiration to let your creative freak flag fly. I'm going to be trying my not-so-artsy hand at it as well. Just remember #Uncannytober2022 on social media so we can all see what we're all doing.

Mostly, no pressure, all fun. Participate when you can. Let's be weird.

October 1st: Umi Bōzu -- Ep. 20

October 2nd: Kuchisake Onna -- Ep. 23

October 3rd: Oni -- Ep. 93

October 4th: Jinmengyo -- Ep. 30

October 5th: Karasu Tengu -- Ep. 32

October 6th: Tanuki -- Ep. 72

October 7th: Yonaki Ishi -- Ep. 36

October 8th: Tsuno Daishi -- Ep. 42

October 9th: Kasa Obake -- Ep. 44

October 10th: Zashiki Warashi -- Ep. 47

October 11th: Kappa -- Ep. 48

October 12th: Amabie -- Ep. 49

October 13th: Ushi no Toki Mairi -- Ep. 52

October 14th: Tanabata -- Ep. 55

October 15th: Jigoku Tayū -- Ep. 74

October 16th: Yūrei -- Ep. 62

October 17th: Baku -- Ep. 65

October 18th: Sanzaru -- Ep. 70

October 19th: Raijin -- Ep. 76

October 20th: Fujin -- Ep. 76

October 21st: Kaguya Hime -- Ep. 77

October 22nd: Utsuro Bune -- Ep. 78

October 23rd: Tofu Kozo -- Ep. 88

October 24th: Ningyo -- Ep. 83

October 25th: Sakuragaike Snake Dragon -- Ep. 88

October 26th: Jinmensou -- Ep. 95

October 27th: Sessho Seki -- Ep. 96

October 28th: Nekomata -- Ep. 97

October 29th: Kamaitachi -- Ep. 105

October 30th: Dainichi Nyorai -- Ep. 107

October 31st: Tsuchinoko -- Ep. 108

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Speculative fiction writer, long-term resident of Japan and Bram Stoker Award finalist Thersa Matsuura explores all that is weird from old Japan—strange superstitions, folktales, cultural oddities, and interesting language quirks. These are little treasures she digs up while doing research for her writing.

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